Know Your Customers.

Fonio is very tasty and everybody will like to have a taste of it.  However when you get these categories visiting your Restaurants/hotel, bakery welcome them with a Fonio meal or snack. It will not only be nutritious to them but it would impact their health significantly

Diabetics: This group buys DIM Fonio because of its key insulin properties and low glycemic index that keep sugar level normalized. Research indicates that Fonio contains dietary fibers capable of slowing the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, preventing rises in blood glucose; increases tissue cells’ sensitivity to insulin, preventing the excessive secretion of insulin; and improving uptake of glucose, therefore preventing a sustained elevation in blood sugar (Traore, 2011). This group of customers live a modest and healthy lifestyle and only buy related products that suits their health needs. Main channels to reach them are hospitals and health retail shops across the country.

Children: These target consumers eat Fonio because of its unique taste. Regarded as the tastiest cereal available, children adopt it very quickly. However, parents buy DIM Fonio for their kids because of the high nutrient level of iron, amino acids and carbohydrate that will keep them nourished for a healthy active life. This group of customers can be reached in schools and public parks. Their parents usually shop at Mini retail shops across the country.

Aged: This group buys DIM Fonio because of its high Fiber content level. They also consume Fonio because it prevents constipation and gives them free bowls. They are found at home via direct sales and at care homes across the country. Main marketing channels are radio and television. This is also the most loyal group, higher retention rate for the lowest effort.

Pregnant and lactating mothers: This customer group is mostly found at weighing and antenatal units. They buy DIM Fonio because of its iron and Fiber level which keeps them nourished and less constipated. Pregnant women buy mostly during their second and third trimester. Breastfeeding mothers buy DIM Fonio because it is believed that Fonio stimulates the formation of breast milk, although, this believe has not yet been substantiated through research.

Obese: This group identifies with Fonio because of its high fiber and low fat levels. They believe consuming small quantities of Fonio, keeps them full for longer hours and allow them to drink more water. They believe these properties help them control their weight. They have high personality and live modest and healthy lifestyle. They are motivated to buy products because of it’s a health and 4 nutritional properties. They also like products that are made in Ghana, registered under Ghana food and drugs authority and that is of high quality and has value for their money.

Coeliac (allergic to gluten): Fonio does not contain glutamine or gladding proteins which it suitable for gluten intolerance people or Coeliac.

Vegetarians: Fonio contains high levels of iron and protein and can provide vegans with the right amount of nutrients they need daily to boost their nutrition.

Health conscious people

USES OF FONIO: Fonio is extremely versatile and can be a substitute to most cereal grains, including rice, wheat, oats and quinoa. It can be used for beverages, main and side dishes, also for salads.  It’s malleable enough to be used for breakfast, Lunch and supper dishes.