No Poverty

AMAATI continues support to farmers, especially landless women in vulnerable rural communities to grow Fonio will significantly increase incomes and transforms their lives through their continued trading relationship with AMAATI. This will reduce their poverty levels and grow their communities.

Zero hunger

Fonio supplies food to several million people during the most difficult months of the year (from April to July) every year when other food resources are scarce, their involvement with AMAATI will motivate these farmers to increased yields through our capacity building programs to implement good farming practices. This will increase the percentage of Fonio for family consumption, increase their access to food and reduce hunger, especially the most difficult months of the year

Gender Equality:

The enterprise ensures that women benefit equally with men from the activities although they did not have access to land. Provide training that is not often available or accessible to women to help them advance in the public domain or workplace. We address limited rights to land, property, credit, natural resources that hinder sustainable development for them and the community at large.

Responsible consumption:

We promote the production of Fonio on degraded lands without fertilizer application, to regenerate depleted soils. This production model creates room for future generations to benefit. We are mindful of the environment as such all practices are drawn from sustainable sources. We work with stakeholders to ensure consumption decisions are based on consumption models that are sustainable.    .

Climate Action  

The enterprise has ensured that women and men, including the most vulnerable groups, become more resilient, able to better deal with climate shocks and/or are better able to make use of climate change induced opportunities. The rehabilitation of the degraded lands involves water and land management, disaster risk reduction, agriculture and to social development and health, which have significant co-benefits in terms of adapting to climate change.