Our passion to achieve and promote sustainable production and consumption for global nutrition has motivated these 4 key pillars.

Build capacity of women to produce Fonio

AMAATI have built the capacity of over 2000 farmers, 80% are women to produce Fonio. We support these women to reduce hunger and poverty whiles improving on household nutrition. We focus more on sustainable agriculture and livelihoods which ensures long term agricultural activities as well as healthy agro-ecosystems with minimal inputs for crop productivity.

Fonio Production

DIM Fonio is a product sourced for its high quality standards. We produce Fonio under strict hygienic conditions that meet both local and international standards. We are certified by Ghana Food and Drugs Authority and Ghana Standards Authority.

Promote Sustainable Production

AMAATI will continue to revive and add value to crops that are sustainably grown, adds value to the environment and keep rural communities resilient.

Stakeholder Engagement

AMAATI has engaged stakeholders in the food chain to develop models that are adaptive to our food system and promote sustainable consumption in Ghana. We have collaborated with government institutions, researchers, NGO’s, IGO’s, public and private institutions to build a community, where people can thrive on indigenous foods that are already existing in their food basket and do not disrupt the environment.