Let’s Protect the Environment together

We want to create an ecosystem that preserve our natural resources, your partnership would support AMAATI to regenerate more degraded lands in Sub Saharan Africa to serve the younger and future generations. Our target of reaching 1million hectares by 2030 can be achieved with your support.

Let’s create Impact together

We want to create impact together, creating high societal impact needs everyone’s contribution. This could come from anybody from anywhere. Your contribution to the impact we create means a lot to us.

Let’s work together!

Let’s feed the world together

AMAATI is known for its high quality Fonio. Our reliability and consistency is measured in the satisfaction our customers receive from us. We supply to our customers based on your needs and we follow you through your journey to optimize the value you will make from our products. Source from the best of Fonio in West Africa and make significant gain in profit. With DIM Fonio you go straight to production, distribution or consumption.