AMAATI believes that every customer is important, that’s why we work together with our community of Businesses to tackle the most important part of customer satisfaction. We work with businesses that recognize why food should be eaten as Medicine

Restaurants and Hotels:  It’s amazing to know how many cuisines of Fonio there are to attract a diversified healthier community to your restaurant. We are working with you to attract customers from all works of life, regardless of their medical history to feel at home at your restaurant.

From the traditional man to a vegetarian.

From the man who loves nature to a man who protects it?

From health conscious people to a person with digestive and other related medical history

All would be welcomed at your restaurant or Hotel! Just get the new super food “DIM Fonio”


Bakers: The Baking industry has quickly become a part of our society and the choice of baking with a healthy and nutritious flour will not only protect the citizenry but it is a national duty. Choose to bake with the all nutritious AMAATI flour and you will get the opportunity to add groups of customers to those who patronize your variety of baking products.

Join us to make it fun and healthier.  We love to try new things, that’s why AMAATI flour is here, to increase your creativity and make it culturally meaningful to bake.


Health Shops: B

Your Health Shop is aligned with healthy products, add DIM Fonio to make it a complete ‘super food’ shop. Help your customers have complete list of Super foods to choose from your shop.

Call us now for your stock!!!